Post & Beam Barn II

Nine foot knee braces, eight inch diameter. Tight joinery.




About Hajo Meijer

Hajo Meijer is the sole proprietor of Ecocentric Design, committed to deeply sustainable architecture. Hajo is a graduate from the faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft in the Netherlands and a certified Passive House Designer. Hajo lives with his family on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
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2 Responses to Post & Beam Barn II

  1. Michael says:

    Interesting cut! How did you measure and mark on the round log to get same angles? If I want 45 degree brace, it appears that the opening on the post shall be 67.5 degree, and the tip of the brace shall have the same angle as well. It seems very hard to get consistent result on multiple posts. Any thoughts?

    • Hajo Meijer says:

      Hi Michael, Rob told me he measured out and down from where the post and beam meet and make a 90° cut with the chainsaw. Then he made the other cut of the sloped shoulder. When this was done, he strapped the brace to the post and beam and marked the angles of the housing onto the brace, cut the brace with the chain saw and fastened them with lag bolts. All cuts and marks were ‘eyeballed’; he just went for it cow-boy style! As long as the seats are tight the connections are rock-solid. In is own words: “be brave and be creative”.

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