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Vimy Beach Park

The Village of Kaslo is asking for ideas to ‘reduce vehicle speed, reduce road dust, improve playground safety and increase pedestrian safety’ on the (gravel) ring road around Vimy Park. The Village itself proposes a double turn-around at the Periwinkle … Continue reading

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Photovoltaic Glass

Imagine having a glass roof that generates electricity! It’s possible with Photovoltaic transparent glass. (No, I do not get paid by this company; I just think it’s a great invention!)

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Solar Decathlon 2011

If you happen to visit Washington, D.C. this time of year, you could see some cutting-edge solar buildings, designed by today’s Architecture students: the Solar Decathlon 2011, a program organized by the U.S. Department of Energy is taking place at National Mall’s West … Continue reading

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Imagine Kaslo with trees…

During the hot days this last summer I thought how pleasant it would be if the streets of Kaslo would be lined with trees… Providing shade and beauty. Many streets in Kaslo do have some trees along them, but the downtown … Continue reading

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Living Bridges

Somewhere in India, people have been working with nature to create long lasting bridges that simultaneously reinforce the river bank: using living trees! Read more…

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A 27m3 Cube for Low Impact Living

Now this is low impact living: a 3x3x3 metre home made of sustainable materials and covered with solar panels: The Cube Project by the University of Hertfordshire.

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CH2 Melbourne: Building mimics Termite Hill

The other day I learned about the bioclimatic Architect Mick Pearce and his very interesting CH2 (Counsil House 2) project in Melbourne, Australia. The climate control of this building mimics the ventilation system of a termite hills. As termites farm … Continue reading

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Water & Sustainability Art/chitecture

The Langham Cultural Centre recently organized two Community Issues Exhibitions “… to give a platform for citizens of the Kootenays, both artists and non, to speak to the issues of water and sustainability through the creative medium(s) of their choice.” Judging from … Continue reading

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Adaptive site design

Check out this video I stumbled on when I googled ‘ecocentric design’ just to see what would come up. It explains the process of adaptive permaculture design, which happens to be how I approach landscape design and site planning (coincedence?): 

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Passive [Solar] House

I have always been an enthusiastic advocate of passive solar design. The concept is so simple: rearrange the building components to maximize the harvesting and storing of solar energy. Do this by moving most of the windows you’re installing to … Continue reading

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