This 2500 SF Custom Home in Kaslo, BC, is a colourful, energy efficient, contemporary home, designed for low maintenance and easy living.

The design of the home features and open concept plan centred around a big kitchen island that doubles as dining table. The party is always in the kitchen.

The house adapts itself to the layout of the land, cascading down the slope onto a rocky ridge and reaching out to the mountain view across Kootenay Lake.

The garage on the west side features a space saving design of a double height section with a car lift, a workshop an a bonus room overtop, taking advantage of its height to overlook Kaslo Bay towards True Blue Mountain.

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Energy efficiency

The energy efficient layout and construction features passive solar gain, triple pane windows and high insulation values in the wall and roof assemblies.

-calculated heating load: 13,000 kW/year, 63 kWh/(m2a) (equivalent to Energuide 83)

-energy efficiency achieved by high insulation values: (metric U-values and imperial R-values)

-roof: U-0.129 / R44 (6.6″ poly-iso insulation)

-walls: efficetive U-0.235 / R24 (some would say R30): staggered 2×4 w/ roxul (mineral wool, byproduct of mining industry in Grand Forks)

-floor: U-.0241 / R23.5 (4 conc. slab, 4.5″ EPS rigid insulation)

-doors and windows: Innotech triple pane tilt & turn Glass U-0.73/R7.8 Frame: U-1.2/R4.7

-solar energy gain by lots of windows on East, South and West, just a few small windows on north side.

-energy-efficient air to air heat exchanger

-HRV (heat recovery ventilator

-Solar Hot water Heater (solar panel to go on the empty south facing wall of the garage)

09 16 14 Kaslo House_035Sustainable materials

-wood frame construction

-gluelam timber roof and deck beams

-steel siding and steel roof (low maintenance, long life span, recyclable)

-clear cedar (more stable, so longer life span) siding where covered by large roof overhangs

– reclaimed rigid poly-iso boards for roof insulation

-waterproof deck covered with EPDM rubber membrane and pavers as top finish (protects EPDM form UV damage)

Eco-friendly Landscape

– the garden space is sheltered from north winds by house. The owners grew hot peppers and cucumbers in the first year!

-as many trees as possible were left on site.


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  1. Trent Doucette

    I’m looking at building something similar in the Kaslo area. I like your design features. Who was the builder for this project?

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