Low-Energy House in Kaslo, BC

Build with Passive House principles, the intent of this home is to achieve net-zero energy and enable the home owners to live with a very small ecological footprint.

The result is a 1200 SF super insulated Low-energy House, made largely from natural materials, incorporating solar hot water and PV electricity.

FL-bioKaslo Passive House entryKaslo Passive House north-eastKaslo Passive House northKaslo Passive House south-west viewKaslo Passive House south view
Kaslo Passive House wrapped south-east


The remaining energy requirements (heating, electricity, hot water) will be generated by 4 solar panels (3 PV and 1 SHW) on the trellis and laminate PV on the curved roof.

The house is connected with the grid and will be net-metered.


-1200 SF heated area
-Open plan living, dining, kitchen, island/dining table combination
-3 bed rooms
-2 Bath rooms
-Accessible design
-Unheated entry
-Unheated basement
-Curved steel roofs
-Trellis over deck for seasonal shading
-Timber frame structure
-Rainwater collection from the roofs to be used for toilet flushing and irrigation
-Bird sanctuary wind breaking bush on north side of house
-Maximized area for food producing garden on south side of house

Building components & Materials used:

-Wood structure: Timber frame skeleton and stick frame walls
-ICF foundation
-Rockwool and cellulose insulation
-Steel roofing
-Wood/lime plaster/steel siding
-Triple pane glazing
-95% efficiency HRV (Zehnder)
-PV and SHW solar panels
-Vapour open air barrier (SIGA majpel)


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