Kaslo Emergency Services

Kaslo Emergency Services

Kaslo Emergency Services Rendering

This rendering was created to show how a new building for Kaslo emergency services could look like. The idea is that it should house the fire department, ambulance and search & rescue services in one building. In the forest fire season it will also shelter the firefighters that come for far and wide. The building has sustainable features like pv solar panels, a living roof and water collection and recycling (made visible by the pond at the entry). Hopefully they’ll get the funding to build it!

About Hajo Meijer

Hajo Meijer is the sole proprietor of Ecocentric Design, committed to deeply sustainable architecture. Hajo is a graduate from the faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft in the Netherlands and a certified Passive House Designer. Hajo lives with his family on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
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