Horse Shed #2

This fall I built a new shed for my horse at the house we are renting in the Cowichan Valley.
It only took me 4 days and about $700… Stickframe construction is definitely fast and economical!
Not as pretty as a timber frame structure, but the horse doesn’t seem to care 😉
– I’ll post some picture of the timberframe shed I built in Kaslo soon.-
After all, this is a temporary building, as I’m renting at the moment.
The shed is designed and build so that you can relatively easily take it apart and move it.
Actually, the neighbour across the road has already offered to buy it when we have to move again 😀

IMG_06621Our dog Shagga keeps me company.

IMG_067223 wall panels ready to go.

IMG_06753 My neighbour came along and helped me raise the walls.

IMG_0678Rafters installed…


IMG_06845And the roof is on!

IMG_0715– just in time for the rain 🙂

IMG_07046Being frugal I bought only 3 sheets of 3/8″ plywood, which covered most of the 2 walls. I used some plywood (white and red) that was laying around to fill the gaps – and add some colour interest at the same time.

My horse Strootje is happy to try it out.

IMG_07238I didn’t plan on adding a 3rd wall, but I figured it would help cutting out the wind, so I salvaged some boards from the burn pile and build a 1/2 wall on the right side.

IMG_07249I covered up the gaps below the wall with some more salvaged boards.IMG_072910Et voilà: c’est fini! (finished)IMG_1212-1IMG_1254


Hajo Meijer

Hajo Meijer is the sole proprietor of Ecocentric Design, committed to deeply sustainable architecture. Hajo is a graduate from the faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft in the Netherlands and a certified Passive House Designer. Hajo lives with his family on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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