Kaslo Passive House Frame Raising

The construction of Kaslo Passive House is well under way!

The frame is raised and the walls are being build.

A huge Thanks to Daphne Hunter for taking these pictures!

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Hajo Meijer

Hajo Meijer is the sole proprietor of Ecocentric Design, committed to deeply sustainable architecture. Hajo is a graduate from the faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft in the Netherlands and a certified Passive House Designer. Hajo lives with his family on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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  1. Hans

    Hajo, this looks stunning. Who did all the timber work for you?

    1. Hajo Meijer

      Thanks Hans! The timberwork was done by Chris Petersen from Argenta.

  2. Hans

    On second look, I realize you are right up there installing the frame. Did you do all prefabrication of the timbers or did you have that done?

    1. Hajo Meijer

      I’m sorry Hans, you’re mistaken – Regrettably I was not there during the raising…
      The installation was done by Chris, Hans Winter (another timber framer from Argenta), Shawn Handley (the builder) and Marty Cyr (Shawn’s helper).

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